The pupils at Bromley Heath Junior School started a plastic bag recycling project In October 2018 as a Junior Soup team taking part in the local community action project called Downend Soup. For one year they have been collecting clean, stretchy plastic bags stuffed into a bread bag or similar and bringing them to the school gate each Friday. Their aim was to collect enough “bread bags” full of other plastic bags to fill an entire bread lorry. Seeing the mountains of plastic each week has convinced me that the 5000+ bread bags full would indeed fill a bread lorry. 
The project grew when we learnt that crisp packets could be recycled too. And for many months we have diligently collected crisp packets and sent them back to Walker’s. 
Other local schools, our local Church and some local shops & individuals heard about our project thanks to Downend Voice and their tally of bags recycled has been included in our total. Special thanks to Emerson’s Green Primary School & Bromley Heath Infants as they have contributed to the huge amount of plastic we have been able to recycle. 
One year later and our project is now over but that doesn’t mean the plastic recycling has to stop. Many families have taken up the habit of recycling soft plastics and once you have started that habit it’s very easy to continue it. Sainsbury’s in Emerson’s Green take bags of stretchy plastic bags including bubble wrap. But even better, all local Tesco’s including Yate and Staple Hill are collecting all plastic bags mixed together in one bag, crisp packets, sweet pouches, crinkly plastic and stretchy plastic, bubble wrap, carrot bags, salad bags & pet food pouches. So please, please do continue to / or start to collect any soft plastics you have and recycle them when you are at a local supermarket. 
Our local pupils at Bromley Heath Juniors really have changed our world and we are very proud of them. 

Plastic Bags will still be collected at every service at Christ Church and they are dropped off to our Staple Hill Tescos by Geoff Payne. (Thank you Geoff & thank you everyone)

Pictured Helen Buick , Children’s Leader at Christ Church and Stephanie Windsor, parent at BHJS