Sandy Wright, a regular member of our Thursday morning congregation, who was married at Christ Church 44 years ago, recounts a recent experience that reminded her how prayer really works. And how much God cares for us,and shows us in so many little ways that we might miss if we don’t open our eyes to where He is at work.

Sandy and husband Roy go regularly to Bavaria in Germany where Roy’s mother lives. Sandy’s mother in law has been growing more frail at 90 and Sandy was praying about a trip to see her at Christmas: for God’s protection and help as they were concerned for her. Sandy has always found rather a frosty atmosphere in Bavaria, as many there have not been used to outsiders and people of colour. Another reason to cover her visit in prayer.

In her three week visit Sandy describes an extraordinary thing taking place.

“It was as if there was a wrapping of goodwill around me for the whole trip. The extent of the warmth and friendship nearly knocked me off my feet. It was so different from any previous visit.

“A family in a restaurant were so friendly that they ended up sitting with us at the table and sharing a long talk with us. We are still in touch. Another day, in my favourite restaurant which is very traditional, where often people all stop and stare at me when I go in, this time the chef came out and shared a glass of wine with me. These things are unheard of in a place where people are usually both reserved and wary of people who are different. Relatives who have been quite frosty in the past were suddenly warm, thoughtful and generous, making me my favourite German dishes and cakes. My mother in law’s hairdresser brought me a whole dish of my favourite dampfnudel. God was really showering me with blessing on this trip!

One particularly surprising thing took place as Roy and I were trying to help Roy’s mother out of the car in a car park. We left the door open and it was taking some time. A car pulled up and the driver waited a short time and then hooted impatiently for us to close the door so he could take the adjoining space. He gave up and drove off angrily. So far so normal in Bavaria.

But once we were walking towards the shops, suddenly the same driver appeared on foot, running after us. When he caught up with us, he apologised for hooting his horn, explaining that he now understood why the door was open and he felt bad for being impatient. As my mother in law said, “Unheard of!”

To finish off such a strangely blessed trip, we met neighbours of my mother in law who came to tell us they were concerned for her and would be keeping an eye out for her. They had never shown us such kindness in all our previous visits over many years.

“It was as if God was equipping me to cope: more than that, showering us with love.”

Do you have a story to tell of where God has been spotted doing something in your life? Get in touch!