These prayers were written by May-Anne Taylor and were used at our Celtic Advent service on the 12th December. We thought that they were so beautiful that we would share them with you here.

Still. Be. Surrender.

Help us to feel Your deep peace fall over us in the knowledge that our renewing and refreshing is to wait in prayer.

This Advent, we turn our hearts and minds towards the light that broke into the world’s darkness. The light that changed everything. Lord, You sent a light to lighten the dark heavy burdens of this world, not the light of pomp and splendour nor the light of power and dominance, but the light of a child whose life would lead to the cross and be lit by the resurrection. You are the light that redefines and makes all things new. On the cross, darkness changes to light, death to life, hate to love, fear to faith, despair to joy, brokenness to wholeness.

Our busy lives make it difficult to recognise Your kingdom and hear Your voice. In the lonely places, Your voice calls out. In the dark places Your voice calls out, creating a willingness to understand and respond , a need to reach out to You. Help us to focus on You and our journey to the stable enabling us, the nation and the world to open up those crevices of uncertainty and restrictions.

You turn our darkness into light, in Your light we see light.

In this season of anticipation and preparation, breathe into us life, breathe in love, breathe in peace, breathe in hope, believing that the One for whom we wait is indeed making all things whole.

Help us to share Your heart and to be worthy of Your life changing promises of intimacy and eternity. God of hope, You call us to the freedom of justice, the balm of healing, the joy of sharing, the companionship of being along side those whose hearts are broken. We remember now those we know in special need locked in physical and
emotional pain, weighed down by worry or despair. Let Your peace and healing be theirs. Will You restore and replenish them, comfort them and free them.

We thank you that we are loved, wanted and needed. We pray for a world that seems so dark, a broken, fragile world that You love. Advent is here but the tensions, mistrusts, mismanagements , old baggage and habits still exist. Reconcile the whole universe encircled by Your love.

There are no shadows in Your faithfulness and no limits to Your love for us, but there are shadows and limits in our love for You at times. Father, forgive us, we pray. We ask that You will be our source and centre of life, our light and
hope, our vision and guide. We are a moment, You are forever. We are a vapour, You are eternal.

You spoke to the prophets of old of a Saviour who would bring peace. You helped them to spread the joyful message of His coming kingdom. Grant to each one of us, an opportunity to show others Your light shining in our lives: Break into those areas of our lives where we fail to act on an opportunity that sets us free to serve.

We thank you that while the darkness may seem all-encompassing, Your light glimmers and shines in love for this world. Draw us into the light of Your sunrise and the brightness of Your face. You turn our darkness into light, in Your light we see light.

Awaken the world that it and us might be ready when Your Dear Son comes that we may receive Him with joy to serve with pure hearts. Come to the manger of our hearts, arriving at the Bethlehem of our inner being. Dwell within us and around us as we unwrap Your presence every day.

Shine the light of Your comforting presence on each one of us. We wait for the angels singing a new song, we wait for the shepherds singing a new song. Let every voice be singing “Glory to God in the highest on earth goodwill and peace.”

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen