How’s your fitness going?

I know, you made a New Year’s resolution to go the gym or to run regularly… how’s that going?

We are becoming much better these days at thinking about our physical heath: what exercise we get; what food we’re putting into our bodies. But when did you last think about your spiritual fitness?

At Christ Church we are launching a new programme called the Rhythm of Life. The aim is to experience various spiritual practices together over the next year, in order to grow more like Jesus, becoming spiritually “fitter.”  This is all part of our vision to go deeper with God in order to go wider in mission.

Every 2 months we will be invited to practice a different spiritual discipline and form a new habit. (Or develop an existing one.) The aim is that we’ll do something daily, or regularly enough to form a long lasting heathy spiritual habit.


Getting spiritually fitter isn’t so that we look good, impressive to others and boosting our own ego!

Paul used lots of images of athletes in training to describe the Christian life. He explained why: “I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.” (1 Cor 9:23)

So getting spiritually fitter through healthy habits is good for us in that we enjoy greater blessing through drawing closer to God, and it’s good for God’s mission because other people will notice: we will be pointing them to God, and making the world a healthier place as he intended it to be.

So are you in?

Signing up to the challenge will help you to feel committed to this journey, and will help us to see what’s happening. Get a Rhythm of Life sign up form from church, or print off one from the link below, and drop off the tear off slip at church into the box.


Scan the QR code and fill out the simple online form.

Watch the Rhythm of Life explained here:

or watch/ read more about the first month’s spiritual practice: Confession and using the Prayer of Examen.