What do you seek? Seek His face above all else.

Join us as we seek God more deeply and more persistently in January 2017 in a week of 24/7 prayer. Yes, 24/ 7. round the clock. At least two people will be praying here at Christ Church Downend at all times throughout Sunday 15th to Sunday 22nd January.

The 24/7 prayer movement has been spreading like a virus around the world, although people have been doing something similar for centuries. There are 24/ 7 prayer rooms in churches, schools, prisons, derelict factories, offices. Some undertake to pray for a week: some have never stopped. Anyone can take part in 24/7 prayer. The 24/7 prayer movement was begun by Pete Grieg, as he wrestled with how even a thriving Christian ministry was not satisfying.  He felt God was calling him to something much simpler and more terrifying: to spend time in God’s presence and to seek the kingdom’s power to be released in the world.

Find out more: www.24-7prayer.com

Here at Christ Church Downend we invite you to take part, details will follow about how to get involved.

Start praying now, and seek God’s face. Then speak, to anyone who will listen.

Prayer week: Sunday 15th – Sunday 22nd January 2017