Think that porn isn’t a problem in the church? Think that it’s only a problem for men? Think that your child’s not going to be exposed to any porn because you have filters? Think that there’s nothing damaging about occasional use of porn: it’s natural, right? Think that your problem is too shameful to ever tell anyone? Think that you will never break free?

These are just some of the myths that are stopping our society and our church communities from facing up to the rising epidemic of porn addiction.

Now that porn is available any time, anywhere, then it’s easier than ever to start, and harder than ever to stop.

At a recent conference run by the Naked Truth Project and Care  we were bombarded with statistics which reveal how much people need help with this issue. It’s as addictive as a drug and can lead to dependency that can only be cured through the power of prayer and professional support.

What can we do as a church?

Be informed and alert: porn is an issue in and outside the church.

Create a level of accountability and honesty with each other in a prayer partnership or triplet where we can be honest about our deepest struggles. Honesty is a great protector against starting or pursuing destructive habits of all kinds, and a great step towards healing.

Discuss in small groups or with friends both in and outside church, how much of an issue people find it and what their views are of porn. How far do people believe the idea that porn is natural and harmless?  What makes people turn to porn? What’s the connection between porn and human trafficking: the people the other side of the camera?

Protect our children’s online safety but also teach them the values they need to stand against it when other children get involved.

Pray for Parliament to pass laws which protect and uphold all that is good; and for all those affected on both sides of the camera.

What can you do if you or someone you know needs support?

Pray, in the confidence that Jesus comes to heal and set prisoners free.

Seek support Online:    online anonymous support groups

Reboot Nation – You Tube

Tools such as  where a trusted supporter can monitor another’s online usage

Useful websites

Books:  Confronting Porn Paula Hall (ask us for a copy)  Sex Addiction: the Partner’s Perspective Paula Hall

Speak to a leader or someone who you trust, in confidence.


Anita Dobson