Pause and breathe in the Easter story each day of Holy Week with us.

Here is our Thursday Reflection.

The Painting – The Trial by Nebiyu Assefa (Large version of picture can be downloaded)

The Story: Even though there was no reason to find Jesus guilty, the chief priests and elders of the people decided that he must be put to death. They took Jesus to Pilate, the Roman Governor for the region, to be condemned, but Pilate could not find him guilty of any crime. The chief priests and elders insisted, “We have a law” they told Pilate, “Jesus must die because he has claimed to be the Son of God.” Pilate was worried about this. He took a bowl of water and washed his hands to show that he would take no further responsibility for what happened to Jesus and he handed him over to be crucified.

Reflect: In the painting Jesus’ hands are bound. He is a prisoner even though he has done nothing wrong. How do you think it might feel to be unjustly accused and treated as a criminal?

Create: Take some dark paper (or paint white paper grey on one side). On the other side use collage, paint or pens to make that side of the paper as colourful and vibrant as possible. Now cut the paper into strips and use a stapler, paper clips or glue and make a paper chain. Keep the grey side of the paper on the outside.

Pray: Lord Jesus Even in our time we know that Christians in some parts of the world are in chains or imprisoned, simply because they believe in you. Keep them strong and courageous and help them to feel your presence and peace today. Amen

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