Pause and breathe in the Easter story each day of Holy Week with us.

Here is our Wednesday Reflection.

The Painting – The Lie by Nebiyu Assefa (Large version of picture can be downloaded)

The Story: The darkness and peace of the garden where Jesus had been praying was suddenly shattered. An angry crowd carrying torches and armed with clubs and swords had come to arrest him and take him to the house of the high priest. The disciples who were with Jesus were terrified and fled, but Peter followed the crowd at a safe distance. When they all arrived at the place where the high priest lived, Peter waited outside in the courtyard. He mingled nervously with the crowd and sat warming himself by the fire, trying not to be noticed. But then people began to recognise him. They pointed at Peter. “Weren’t you a friend of Jesus?” they asked accusingly. Once, twice and then a third time Peter angrily denied even knowing Jesus! This was the moment that the cock began to crow and words that Jesus had spoken to him just hours earlier rang in his ears, “Before the cock crows Peter, you will disown me three times”.

Reflect: How does the artist show us which of the figures in the painting is Peter? What do Peter’s hands tell us about what he might be saying?

Create: Make a picture of a cockerel using hand and finger prints.

Pray: Lord Jesus Sometimes we are confident and brave but other times we get scared or embarrassed. We don’t always stand up for what we know is right and we let you down. We are really sorry and ask you to forgive us, just as you forgave Peter. Amen

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