Pause and breathe in the Easter story each day of Holy Week with us. Here is our Tuesday Reflection

The Painting – The Garden by Nebiyu Assefa (Large version of picture can be downloaded)

The Story: After eating supper together, Jesus and his disciples went to a place called Gethsemane where there was a garden. He asked three of his friends, Peter, James and John, to go further into the garden with him and to stay awake and keep watch while he prayed. Jesus was deeply troubled about what he knew would soon happen to him. Three times he went back to find his friends, but three times he found that they had fallen asleep.

Reflect: Notice which colours the artist, Nebiyu, has used in his painting The Garden. How do you think these colours help us to understand how Jesus is feeling? How do you feel as you look at this painting?

Create: Colours are used by artists in lots of different ways to show emotion and feelings. Create some abstract art to show how using colours can help you express your feelings.

Pray: Lord Jesus In the garden of Gethsemane your friends let you down and you felt frightened as you faced the future alone. We pray today for anyone who is lonely and afraid; help them to know that you are with them and that you love them very much. Amen

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