“Those folk at church don’t know what it’s really like trying to be a Christian in my work place!”

Well, now’s your chance to put that right.

It can be hard being a Christian at work. Maybe you are tempted to hang up your faith on a peg at the start of the day and get back to it at home time. More likely, you want to live for Christ at work, but you have no idea how. Or you think you know how, but you wouldn’t be allowed, or you can’t possibly imagine doing it and still having any credibility.

Two things: you can live as a christian in your work place, and you can be ready to share your faith if appropriate.

Here are some resources which may help, and a call to share anything with us that could encourage others, or move them to pray for your particular situation.

Transforming work: we can think of our work place as a drag, a place we markbus time in, or as a great place in which to work out how to be ambassadors for Christ. On Sunday, everyone leaves the building.  Come Monday morning it’s empty. That’s a GOOD THING – because all you working people are out there in the world, living out what you heard and sang and talked about and reflected on yesterday.  Now you are on your frontline, working out how on earth it all applies here and now.

We talk about ways of being fruitful on your frontline. Sometimes actually sharing the Gospel or talking about your own faith can be possible. But the rest of the time, it’s likely to be the other ways of living for Jesus that apply. Just “Making  good work” is a way of serving God and giving him a good name. There are five other ways we can be fruitful.

Why not choose one way that suits you and where you work. Ask others to pray for you as you ask God to bless you with that gift and opportunities to live it.

Another way is to pray for your work place, and seek the encouragement of other Christians. Did you know about these local and national opportunities?

Upper Reaches – Christians based in Temple Quay, Bristol (Look out for their barge from September!) They use Cloud Computing to display their sermons across several remote campuses.

Transform Work UK – find a work place Christian group near you, or register a group you attend

Bristol Kingdom Business Network – talks and networking in the region


Bristol City Centre Talks

Bristol Business Breakfasts