If your children are of an age where they ask questions ALL the time, here is your chance to get revenge…

Family meals might be a bit more relaxed over the summer, or you might have long car journeys to fill. Why not use some of the questions on this handout to spark interesting discussions.

“Why does God let us make mistakes?”

BRF Parenting for Faith has some great questions for you to ask. This isn’t about right or wrong answers, it’s about wondering together, showing your child that you don’t have all the answers either but you want to learn together. Helping them to think about complex ideas or just learning a bit more about God’s love for them. It might lead to you looking something up together, or phoning a friend/ Sparklers or Connected leader!

You can also sign up to their podcast “Parenting for Faith” which covers a range of topics around encouraging children in their faith and exploring together with them.


Where will these questions lead you and your family?