Maria, one of our youth leaders at Christ Church Downend writes a heartfelt message about what it means to her to serve God in this exciting way….

I scratched my head and wonder why ?  Well why not?

I volunteer as a youth leader at Christ Church Downend and I enjoy every single minute. After retirement I was a bit useful as a grandparent and then suddenly they are gone and grown up too.  I have always found time to reflect and ponder “just a day dreamer’ ,  so one day when I wondered into Tuesday’ Open Church’s Bible meditation and met Diane.  God is always doing these things! He kinda prompts me – I do find it tricky sometimes but I listen. One day in conversation I learnt that one of my own kids had attended the youth Group – another reason for me to taste and see!

First I started helping with Jigsaw and learnt about Christ Church Downend.  When Diane, Youth Ministry Leader, let me know about the Youth work I went away and had a bit of a think and prayed.  I always wanted a challenge and I did bring a bit of experience with me called LIFE !!

As I get older I see Gods hand everywhere – He blesses all the young people the good and the not so good. It’s great to see that happening.  I see consistent growth in the group, sometimes a bit of pruning is required. If the drama and fun develops into anti social behaviour then that is nipped in the bud.

You see, God is no fool he gives us strength to meet the challenges, he gives us exactly when needed.

So be bold and courageous, step out! The kids are great fun, the group cannot run without grown ups so consider joining us if you can and just do it !