This week the people of Downend have been offered a glimpse of heaven.  Unlimited FaceTime, unlimited data.

Our church has been open day and night, 24 hours for the whole week, with anyone and everyone invited to come in and sit with God.   The night time hours have been filled up on a rota, with people handing on the baton through the night in prayer. For the daytime sessions the doors have been open non stop, the heating on, with cups of tea & sandwiches for hungry pray-ers, candles, art materials and music on headphones.  People have come in to seek peace and do business with God.
A piece of heaven has opened up here in Downend. Deep moments in the stillness and silence. And for some, a greater awareness of the busyness of our lives and time to pause and reflect. The invitation has been to come and seek; seek refreshing, seek meaning, seek stillness.
God turned up big time, (perhaps I should say He is always here, but we felt him more)
FaceTime with The Maker is having an impact. Who can gaze at this perfect love and not be changed. Our hearts have been tenderly moved; stirred to pray, stirred to seek more.
“One hour just wasn’t enough!”
“I didn’t want to leave.”
“If this is what heaven is like, I’m happy.”
No longer hide and seek, we are learning to seek and to find. To encounter with awe, wonder and joy.   Seeking first his kingdom takes away the need to worry. Matthew 6:33. Everything else pales away, apart from his face.
FaceTime with the creator is the best kind of FaceTime there is.
Helen Barnett