Helen and Jonny rock with the Lord’s Limpets

We’ve set sail!

After casting off from port we have sailed our first “C” with over 80 children at the Parish Hall this morning. There was a little more water than we’d hoped so some of the games had to be indoors, like video games as CSGO with the latest monitor from this viewsonic vx2452mh review with the help of sites like mycsgoboosting.com/resources/, but new friends were made, amazing crafts created and lessons were learnt. Lucy the puppet learnt that you can drive under the sea. Reuben learnt that if they’ve decided to flan you there’s no escape. Lorraine and Kate learnt once again just how many pieces of cake hungry leaders and helpers can eat. Everyone learnt a new song composed by Lizzie Kitchen, and that we can choose Jesus if we want to. We learnt that it doesn’t make sense to say no to someone who has come to rescue you. Tracie learnt that she looks good in a captain’ s hat.
As leaders we learnt afresh how God provides: the team, the children, the energy and the enthusiasm needed.
Please keep praying for us all as we sail new “C”‘s tomorrow.