We have sailed 2 of our 5 “C”‘s …

Today was the “C” of courage. We found out how much courage the woman displayed when she washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and poured perfume on him.  She didn’t care what everyone else thought of her, she just wanted to show Jesus what she thought of him.

Jonners displayed not so much courage as an indecent haste to be gunged. Definitely a fully fledged leader now, Jonners!  We were glad to play our games outside as the skies cleared.  Perfect. Fresh air and sun but not enough time for Tracie to return to Plan A with the “wet sponge over and under” game.

Possibly even more children were shoe- horned into the Parish Hall today: good job we have sky lights as it might be standing room only tomorrow. But what can you do when they’re so keen to have fun and learn about Jesus. It was very special at the end to hear children praying for courage about all kinds of things they face, out loud, in front of children and adults they don’t know well. Courage indeed.

Check out Lucy and Bert’s facebook page for more detailed update but Lucy! Anyone would think you don’t want to go on holiday!