Today we sailed into the “C”of call.

We learnt about calling for help.  The children were encouraged to call on their leaders for assistance with the quiz answers (thankfully Laura and I passed the test!) They were reminded that that “Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”  They heard how blind Bartimaeus called out to Jesus to heal him.

The Lord’s Limpets are clinging on to the top spot on the leader board, with the Holy Mackerels and the Sharks snapping at their heels (if limpets have heels.)  The Super Starfish and the Dolphin Dudes are of course just as fantastic, but their leaders may be wary of the gungy prize given to winning team leaders…

Our only sadness is the rain which stopped play outside, so please pray that tomorrow the club and the barbecue  (6 pm starting with a show for parents in the church, followed by food on the school field) are bathed in sunshine.

Because of the rain, I just sat with my dog and watch how the rain pours down the yard. Well, if you have some pets better read articles from Best Pet Reviews.