What do YOU do to mark the season of Lent?

Give stuff up? Take stuff on? Lent gives us a chance to strip things back to the bare branches, to see ourselves and God more clearly. What helps you to do this? Some find the act of doing without certain things helps to focus their mind and spirit.

Others find that doing something new or extra invigorates the soul.

Here are some ideas:

At Home in Lent by Gordon Giles takes a different ordinary household object each day and uses it to help us be more aware of God in the whole of life. https://www.brfonline.org.uk/9780857465894/

Count Your Blessings by Christian Aid is a poster containing ideas for each day, continuing the active challenge and talking point method of the Matthew 25 Challenge that some of took part in recently. Pick one up from church. https://www.christianaid.org.uk/resources/count-your-blessings-2019-english-pdf

40 items 40 days is a Facebook campaign where each day you take one good item in your home that you don’t need, such as an item of clothing, put it into a box and give away at the end of Lent, similar to the Reverse Advent calendar. https://www.facebook.com/40items40days/

Come Let us Age! by Wanda Nash explores how to “grow old boldly!” with faith and a positive spirit. https://www.brfonline.org.uk/9780857465580/

Share what helps YOU draw close to God in Lent.