It seems that God has blessed us at Christ Church with a growing hunger to retreat. More and more of us are discovering the joy of getting away and setting time apart for meeting God in quiet.

It’s easier than it looks!

Many people say, “Oh I could never go on a retreat.” Try it. Just once. Who knows how many treasures Go has stored up for you in your blessings pigeonhole, just waiting for you to discover them, if you would only take a peep.

At Llangasty in Brecon last Wednesday 20 of us set time aside and leaned in closer to listen to God. While the wind raged and danced across the lake we were able to hear the still small voice of God. Some found their consolation out in the storm; others in the quiet of the chapel.

Sonia wrote this beautiful description of what it was like to step aside and slow down for a day: “Today, when walking in silence, I felt the Lord with me with each footstep. I could feel my feet on the ground. When I walk with a group, I chat and am sociable, and hardly notice my footsteps or that the Lord is with me. I hardly notice the flowers, leaves or birds singing. How much more wonderful it is to be in silence, and walk with the Lord and feel His presence! I can go for a walk by myself but often I am in a hurry so I walk faster and do not hear the Lord telling me to slow down, and to know that He is with me all the way. What a wonderful opportunity today has been to slow down and feel his presence!”

Later in the year Llangasty is running a weekend retreat for first timers, called Soul Spark. Why not give it a try. Or there will be another Women’s Retreat Day at Mill House, Devon, in the autumn. Details to follow.