How Messy Church broke pots and records for its Easter session

#MessyChurch always likes to make a bit of a … well, obviously! The clue is in the name. But this month we had an especially smashing time as we discovered how God wants to mend his broken world; how he wants to mend broken lives, and how Jesus’ death and resurrection makes that possible.

Those who have watched the pantomime at Christ Church will know how Ian Freestone loves to ad lib his lines! But this time, as Helen Buick attempted to tell the Easter story of how Jesus was broken on the cross, Ian kept interrupting with a long winded tale of how he bought a beautiful pot but broke it when he got home.

Helen continued to tell the story of how Jesus died so that we can be mended; our relationship with God can be mended. Ian wanted to show how a kind friend mended his pot for him, piecing it together again very carefully. The pot looked a bit cracked, but when he put a candle inside it and we turned off the lights in the room, the light shone through the cracks in a beautiful way.

Helen and Ian discovered they were actually telling the same story. You can read the full script here:

The pot wasn’t the only broken thing on Wednesday. We laid smashed crockery onto a cross and made another cross out of washed up driftwood. And 118 people gathered to share in the fun, food and faith, looked after by a faithful and wonderful team. Pray that broken lives will be mended.