Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests…. Be alert and always keep on praying for all God’s people.

Ephesians 6. 18

Opportunities for prayer with others, to which all are welcome

Mondays at 9.15 – 9.45am Morning Prayer

A simple form of prayer and reflection on a Bible passage following the Church of England’s liturgical year. Each week 4 members of our church family are remembered in prayer, responding to specific needs they have highlighted. If you are able to use Zoom then this is the link:

Wednesdays 7am – 7.30am #ThyKingdomCome prayer

Open prayer for the issues facing our society and the needs of our world. If you are able to use Zoom then this is the link.

Prayer chain

If you have a specific prayer request you can have it included on the prayer chain via Mary Freestone: or 0117 9566630. These requests will be circulated to a number of trusted church members who will hold them in prayer before the Lord…. and then rejoice as prayer is answered!

Prayer and care

Requests for prayer and practical support can be given to our Care Co-ordinators on


  • Pray for families with young children who are missing support from grandparents, a break through children being at school or nursery, and are having to home school unexpectedly for long periods. Many mothers are finding it impossible to work from home while also home-schooling children or caring for toddlers and babies. Pray especially for single parents who have no break and who may not have local family to support with shopping. Pray for strength and encouragement, sleep and patience.
  • Pray for the isolated and lonely of any age, those single and widowed people who have not been able to experience the warmth of human contact for a long time. Pray that they would know God’s presence in warmth and comfort.
  • Pray that God will guide us as a church that we would know how to disciple people in these unusual circumstances. Pray that people would have a growing hunger to know God better at this time and take their own initiatives to find what they need and build healthy spiritual habits. Pray that we would be guided to support, equip and encourage this as will best glorify God and help people to enjoy him more and more.

Anita Dobson:


  • Give thanks that we are now able to connect with youth in our outreach groups, in particular give thanks for the vision and persistence of Jonners, Ellis, Sam, Elissa and Maggie. Pray that the young people will engage and be blessed.
  • Give thanks that Downend Secondary School has included information about the youth groups we are running and details on how to access uplifting messages from Flourish (the course that we run in Downend School) in their newsletter to all their students. Pray that the students will engage with the support being offered.
  • Give thanks for how many of the young people and youth team are engaging with the three Bible Courses that are being run, and for the way relationships continue to grow, both with God and with one another.

Diane Paddon:

Leadership Development and Worship

  • Give thanks for the way the leadership of all aspects of the church’s life is adapting to the challenges we are facing and seeing new opportunities for the future.
  • Pray for all the online worship input with children, youth and families every week and that many might discover new and creative ways of worshipping at home.
  • Pray for wisdom and courage as we begin to plan for coming out of lockdown.

Rev Jo Vickery:

Resources – finance, staffing and governance

  • Pray for our Church Wardens Maggie and Bryan as they guide us in practical steps towards the re-opening of the church building as circumstances allow.
  • The Giving 4 Life team continue to grapple with issues thrown up by the reduction in our income due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pray for boldness, wisdom and God’s provision at this time. Ask God to guide all of his people in their stewardship at this time.
  • Hold before God members of the Christ Church staff team as they seek to fulfil their roles in new and creative ways. Pray for wise and discerning leadership and a real generosity of spirit. Pray for team members who are currently on furlough.

Paul Peterson:

Mission and Outreach

  • As the online Alpha Course gets underway this month, pray for Aidan and Cathie Watson as they lead it and for everyone who takes part. Pray for real fruit to come from this initiative.
  • Ben and Katy Ray have been humbled by the support offered from the UK for the Neema Crafts PPE appeal and are now looking forward to the launch of Neema’s new shop in Dar es Salaam in July. Pray for God’s continued blessing and for real wisdom to know how to take this ministry forward.
  • Pray for everyone associated with Christ Church, that we will look beyond ourselves and prompted by the Spirit will continue to express God’s love to others in word and action.

Paul Peterson:


  • Father God we pray for all our families, all the parents, all the children, all the grandparents as they continue with this new way of living with COVID-19. We pray for parents and children who have the option of returning to School or Nursery. Give the parents peace in the decisions they make, and help those children who are back at school to settle and adapt to the new ways of doing school. And Father, for those who are continuing to stay at home for now, we pray for enthusiasm to learn, times to rest and relax for all, especially the parents, and harmony in each household.
  • We pray for all those who are struggling with day to day living, those who are working twice as hard as they were before the pandemic, those who are trying to home school and work full time, those who are worrying about finances, food or jobs & those who are missing the structure & routines they were used to. We pray for new strength for those who are exhausted, for new inspiration for those who are feeling jaded and for peace, for a release from guilt that they are not doing enough or not doing homeschooling successfully and the ability to trust in your provision for those who are anxious or in need.
  • Lord Jesus, thank you that you are here with us, as we make it through each new day, as we make it to bed time, as we pass each milestone, as we step into each new week and each new month. Lord Jesus, help our families to know your presence with them keeping them safe, your love keeping them together and your peace keeping them calm in the many challenges they are facing. Thank you, Father God, for the many children and parents who are joining in with our Children’s group sessions on Sundays and our midweek support & teaching on the @messychurchccd Facebook page and on the CCD YouTube channel. We pray especially for our Messy Church families, that they would be encouraged by our social media posts, and would be able to join in when they are able.

Helen Buick:

Christians Against Poverty

  • Please pray for Philip and Rosie as they start first visits by phone and continue with Fact Finding visits. Help them to be able to focus on the client as well as trying to cover everything that they need to so that they’re able to provide the best service possible.
  • Please help us to build meaningful relationships with clients even if we haven’t met in person.
  • For future appointments – that we would be able to make a real difference to the lives of the clients and that they are drawn to want to know more about God.

Leyla Fellows: