A message from Rev Jo Vickery:

Hi Everyone,

At our 10.30 service at Christ Church this Sunday (Aug 9th) I will be launching our short series looking at themes very much in the headlines at the moment and asking where is God in all this? 

The first will address the huge issue of Mental Health, an area that I can speak on from some personal experience. 

Our small Tech Team has been doing an incredible job in providing a range of online services but we are struggling at the moment with so many being away on holiday at this time. We are having to take it a week at a time, depending on who is available. However, this Sunday we simply do not have the capacity to livestream the service. It will be recorded and put on the Website and our YouTube Channel as soon as is possible, most likely on Monday. The audio recording and dial-a-sermon will be on the website as usual on Sunday afternoon. 

So please do come to Christ Church if you can this Sunday, with a face covering but an open heart ready to worship the Lord and giver of Life!

With the assurance of my prayers,