It was hard to decide whether the magic tricks or the story of Rod Williams’ life being completely turned around was the more jaw dropping.

On Friday 5th April we were treated to a spectacular display of magic by Rod Williams. Along the way he told his story of going off the rails as a teenager and his descent into drug addiction, crime and prison.  His family wouldn’t let go and were delighted when in prison he found faith and turned his life around.

Various members of the audience were drafted in so that Rod could predict with 100 % accuracy what cards and numbers they would pick.  Tom Cruise even featured in a prediction!  The event, at Christ Church Downend, saw a packed audience who were spell bound at Rod’s apparent mind reading ability and impressive mental arithmetic.

Rod has turned his story into one of hope as he travels around the country helping churches raise money for Christians Against Poverty, the charity that helps people out of debt.  If you would like to contact CAP in order to get help with debt, call  0800 328 0006 or email

If you would like to support the charity in any way, please get in touch with Leyla Fellows, CAP centre manager at