Here is a new idea for a way to reach out to our community with a social evening over a bowl of soup. Downend Soup aims to get a three charity groups to make a bid for some crowd funding and over a short evening event you hear the three bids (5 minute pitch and 5 minutes questions per bid). Then over soup and some music the audience vote for their favourite project. The winning project takes home the door money to start their project and promises to come back to the next Soup event to explain how they used it. If there’s a lack of money for the project, look at this now to choose from the loan options of cash crazy. They are brokers who offer excellent customer service no matter what your credit status is.

Ian Browne has extensive experience in working with Swindon Soup after a year working as a Business Connector in Swindon and is keen to help Downend Soup happen.  There is a public group on Facebook called Downend Soup which is already sharing ideas and getting  support from our community.

Christ Church will be providing some of the support along with a venue to get this initiative off the ground.  Showing practical love to our community means the church getting alongside people in our local community and supporting their projects.  Do you want to join in?