What a great way to celebrate Pentecost on Sunday. The Church first began when the Holy Spirit came upon each person, equipping them with the power to serve and know God as Father.

The Queen is known to base her life of service to the nation on the Servant King, Jesus and on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Our church contains such a wonderful outpouring of servant-hearted people serving each other and the wider community.

Enjoy this poem written specially for the event, which conveys a massive thank you to each other as willing servants of the Lord. Imagine the Lord saying to YOU: “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Thank you

Thank you to:

The ones who turn up every week,

The ones who stay when things look bleak,

The tea bag squeezers, the roll up their sleeve-rs, the aim to pleasers,

The gizmo fixing, gadget twisting,

Bug defying, bacon frying

Chair piling, paper filing,

Servants of God:

Thank you.

Thank you to:

The ones who see the whole thing through,

The ones who make things shine like new,

Listening ears, wipers of tears,

Foot soldiers, eco warriors,

Knitters, fitters, pickers of litter

Crafters, sewers, spreaders of glitter:

Thank you.

To those whose music colours our praise,

Those whose friendship brightens our days,

The ones who open the Word afresh,

The ones who tidy away the creche,

To the never failing, letter mailing,

Uploaders, downloaders,

Outgoing, incoming,

Insta sharing, image bearing

Love sharing

Servants of God:

Thank you.

Thank you to:

The layout tweakers, truth seekers,

Heart menders, rule benders, colour blenders,

The open hearted, the ones just started:

Thank you.

To the ones who make you feel alive,

The ones who make it worth the strive,

Tin stackers, weed attackers,

Leaflet folders, key holders,

Number crunchers, flower bunchers,

Hand holders, people moulders,

Playdough makers, movers and shakers,

Servants of God:

Thank you.

To the ones who make the difficult call,

The ones who always give their all,

The floor sweepers, promise keepers, going deepers:

Thank you.

The joiner in-ers,  the empty the bin- ers,

 The Reach-er- out-ers, house to house- ers, without a doubters:

Thank you.

To the ones who greet you with a smile,

The ones who go the extra mile,

The ones who make it all worthwhile,

You email sending, evil fending, persevering, Spirit-hearing

Joy-spreading, lie-shredding

Freshly baked Jesus-shaped

Wonderful family,

Servants of God:

Thank you.

Anita Dobson 2022