Yesterday we saw a very happy event: the baptism of Sarah Heath.

Surrounded by friends and family, Sarah explained how she had contact with Christ Church for some years before deciding that God was real, that he cared for her and wanted her to follow him.

Read Sarah’s story beow:

Sarah’s story

I started coming to Christ Church in 2009   as a CAP client. Annette Linton was the CAP manager and helped me a lot. Jill Williams was a CAP volunteer and we used to meet up every week. She picked me up and took me to church every week. She was a big inspiration to me. I was open to what was going on at church but I wasn’t sure about it.

I started going along to Thursday toddlers, Jigsaw, Messy church and the Forest Family Day with the children. Everyone was really warm and welcoming. I don’t have many family connections so it made me feel safe and supported. I helped out when I could. Helen used to pick me up and bring me to help set up at Messy Church.

Then in January this year I got really ill and I was in hospital. I was so scared, I prayed to God, “Please make me better, and I’ll follow you.” I just wanted to get home to my children. I messaged Anita and asked her to pray for me, which she did. We messaged each other every day while I was in hospital, and I sent her updates, saying, “Keep praying, it’s working!”  After a few days I was well enough to come home. I kept on praying and I started to meet up with Anita to pray and read the Bible and talk about faith, sometime over lunch at the café.

One day, Anita asked, “Have you ever made a firm decision to follow God?” I said no, but I’d like to, so she prayed with me and I decided to follow God.

A few weeks ago she asked me if I would like to be baptised. I said yes, and here I am today. I’m very nervous but happy to make this sign of my faith.  My mum in law has been very encouraging to me as I take this step. Also my children and other family and friends are here today, which means a lot to me.

I believe in God and I know he’s guiding me and helping me. It’s having a positive impact on my life.