In Advent 2012 we launched the church’s vision, Learning to Live the Life, reminding us that we are on a journey of learning to be disciples of Jesus and to make disciples for him, as he commanded in the Great Commission.

After 5 years it’s time to review how far people feel they understand the vision and what difference it’s making.

On Sunday 7th January we will give everyone a short questionnaire to fill in at the end of the service. We want to gather as much information as we can about how far we’ve got in embedding the vision into our “DNA” as a church, so that we can work out where we should focus attention on in the next few years.

If you’re not present at any of the services on 7th January, or Thursday 11th January at 9.30, we ask that you will download it here and fill in.

Christ Church Questionnaire

You can print it out, and either return it as a paper copy to the office or email it to as an attachment.  If you would like a paper copy and can’t get to the church to collect one, you can ask Anita Dobson for one to be delivered to you. The more people who fill it in, the more accurate a picture we get, so we would be very grateful if you can take part, we also get the best motivational quotes from different sites online, so people can feel inspired to do their best job all the time.

Jo wrote in Advent 2012 painting a picture of what the church would be like in 2017. You can read his description and see how much of it has turned out to be true!

Christ Church in 2017 (written in 2012)

We give thanks for the journey we’ve been on and for all that God has in store for us as a community.