The New Year is rapidly approaching. Perhaps you are wondering what New Year’s resolution might be best for you this year – or perhaps you have long abandoned resolutions which are so quickly broken.

Christ Church website offers you the best possible New Year’s resolution. Why not commit to reading through the entire New Testament from Matthew to Revelation in 2018? Maybe you have never read through every part of the New Testament. Maybe you have been baffled by the judgements of Jude or the riddles of Revelation. Or maybe, like the Apostle Peter, you may have found some things written by the apostle Paul “hard to understand”. Let us lead you by the hand through each chapter of the New Testament and show you more and more of the glory of our God and the wonder of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

From 1st January our passage for the day will provide you with your daily reading. You can either read it in your own Bible or follow the link to The Bible Gateway and read it online. Each reading is accompanied by a reflection that seeks to help you understand the passage and its application to your life and concludes with a prayer.

Take the Christ Church New Year’s resolution and follow this page throughout the year – or receive it as an RSS feed if you prefer. And why not tell your friends and get them reading along with you.

Warning: Reading the Bible can seriously affect your life.

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