From next Friday 18 September, we are going to meet in mini Jigsaws of 6 at 9.30am at King George V playing fields. We will build 6s as people sign up and each 6 will have a “place to gather”.

If weather is iffy we will post any update on our dedicated facebook group by 8.30am (and / or contact anyone we know is booked to come by text)

What to bring: Why not make a jigsaw bag: (you don’t have to bring it all though) warm coat / extra jumper, waterproof trousers, wellies, picnic rug, snack, coffee for adult, toddler Bible, a few Toys, musical instrument /shakers, umbrella, wipes/ tissues / hand sanitizer. Mini mirror, fan, card board tube, football.

We will keep a list of names for track and trace, have a first aid kit, bring a bubble machine, bring Monty and be “Mini Jigsaws Outside”.

If you need to get waterproof trousers for toddlers / wellies, let us know in case we can find you a second hand pair.

To find us : park at Westerleigh Rd. car park next to King George V playing fields and then walk on path on left hand side of park. There are two large tree trunk benches A & B down at the bottom to the left of the football goals. The third bench C (the friendship bench) is nearer the car park. I’m not suggesting we use / sit on the benches but there may be a grandma / one mum who may like to. But these benches will give us a point to aim for as we gather each Friday. Because of the “rule of 6” we mustn’t join a different group. But perhaps after our group session different parents from different groups might wander off and create a fresh 6 for a mini chat after our session. Children do count in the 6s.

Any thoughts / comments / ideas please do let us know. If you would like to sign up, there are two ways to do this, either comment on the weekly post within the Jigsaw Toddler Group facebook group or email