So much to pray for, so little time!

You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of things in the world to pray for, or a bit guilty that you only tend to pray for your own needs and haven’t really thought about praying for others. Or you might feel that you want to pray, but you can’t believe it really makes that much difference, particularly when there’s a big scale crisis or someone is seriously ill and there seems no hope.

In fact, the Bible encourages us to pray in these situations. Even if we feel helpless. Even if we feel timid. Even if this kind of prayer is new to us. Listen to Paul Peterson’s sermon “A for intercession” and to Aidan’s podcast where he chats to Laura Green and Angie Moller about prayer in their workplace which is in health care.

Here are some tools from the Prayer course which can help you to learn the art of intercession.

We would love you to come to our prayer meetings (Monday 9.15 – 9.45 in church / Wednesdays 7 – 7. 30 am in the youth hub, or to form a prayer triplet (Ask Anita Dobson to find out more: 07753233950