These are the latest prayer requests received from our mission partners’ champions at Christ Church.

Open Doors

Please continue to pray for Syria, for a final end to the nine years war and a prompt return to normal life.

Please pray for Iraq, that God in His mercy will remember them. Thanks to all Open Doors partners for their continuing support and help.

Please pray for Lebanon, especially Beirut, for God to bless all the restoration work going on. Pray for strength and safety for all Christians there and all who are suffering injury or trauma after the explosion. For God to bring His hope to all the Nation. Pray for Pastor Nikad, an Open Doors partner who runs a church in Beirut. He asks us to keep praying for the aftermath of the tragic explosion on the 4th August, for those who were injured, mourning and homeless.

Please pray for Nikhill in India who was thrown out of his home because he is a believer, even though its in the middle of the pandemic. Thanks to an Open Doors pastor and Open Doors supporters’ prayers and gifts, Nikhill is now receiving food and support. He said, “My own family disowned me but now you are my family.”

Pray for ‘Standing Strong Online’ on 3rd October, bringing interviews and footage from our persecuted brothers and sisters in Syria, Nigeria and China. Join us on 3rd Oct as we pray and worship together, find out courage and faith can strengthen us all. Pray for people to register for this free event.

Thank God that 900 families in Nepal have received vital COVID19 food, aid and hope because of the gifts and prayers of Open Doors supporters.

Mission Direct – Richard and Jan Bacon

Please pray for:

  • Mission Direct Partners who are distributing Food Security to help with Covid and post locust invasion, especially to the most vulnerable (Elderly, Widows, Disabled and Child Headed Families). That the distributions can continue and concentrate on providing seeds and animals to promote sustainability, alongside hygiene supplies and Covid education.
  • funds to be forthcoming for the construction of PTA Teacher’s Homes and for the reopening of schools in Uganda so that children can continue their education. For the builders and the apprentices who are receiving training.
  • healing for people our partners are supporting particularly Rose (St Stephen’s Child Development Centre) and Aisha (Mother’s Union), both of whom need specialist treatment in Kampala. Also for a young man called Andrew who is facing serious accusations; for the truth to be known and for God to work in his circumstances.
  • the opening up Uganda’s lockdown to enable people to earn a daily wage and feed their families. Also for God’s timing for opening of airports, flights and Ugandan Government regulations to enable us to return to Uganda and strengthen all our relationships out there after the prolonged absence.

TEN – Moldova

Please pray for Pastor Misa Hiorescu, his family and congregation in Moldova.

The message below was sent recently by Mihaela, one of Misa’s daughters.

Greetings to you all at a Christ Church.

At the present, in Moldova things are better, restrictions are removed and everything is OPEN now, but we all need to wear masks everywhere we go; in covered rooms the distance must be 1 meter, even in the church. Fortunately, we can go to church and Praise God and we are so happy about that. People are still coming and not afraid of anything because they know that God is upon everything and He will take care of them. We are not locked in the house, just wearing masks everywhere we go. We hope that soon all of this will be finished and things will go like before, however, we thank God for keeping us safe and pray for recovery of those who have suffered after all of this. Please pray for speedy recovery of those affected by this virus.

Thank you for your prayers, much blessings to you all!

Please also pray for Misa’s eldest daughter Tonea, who is currently living in Doncaster. She will be moving to London at the end of September to take up a course in business studies at the University of Suffolk. Please pray that she will be kept safe and make new friends in London May God bless her time there.

We also pray for the staff at TEN and their involvement with Misa in Moldova, also for their work throughout Europe.

Our partner orphanage in India

Please pray for the children of the orphanage who are still in the villages. As COVID cases rise it is not possible to bring them back to the orphanage.

Pray for the staff and 50 pastors who are visiting the children to check on their wellbeing and providing for their health needs.

Please pray for the 650 families in the surrounding villages, many of whom are struggling with no work, no income and no food.

Please pray for God’s protection over all associated with the orphanage. Family members and people in the villages have been poorly and they are not sure whether it is seasonal sickness or COVID.

Please pray for wisdom for the governing bodies as they put in place policies to try and prevent COVID spreading.

Ben and Katy Ray at Neema Crafts

Please pray:

  • that every member of our Neema Crafts team is protected from this virus and no one becomes seriously sick;
  • that information would be more clearly shared as to the outbreak and so people can make good decisions based on facts rather than rumours;
  • for the government of Tanzania that they would be blessed with supernatural wisdom at this time to know when to open up schools or go into tighter lockdown etc. Currently only schools are closed and the airports are reopening. 
  • for wisdom and insight for Katy and I as we decide what the next step for Neema Crafts should be. We don’t expect tourists to be back in Iringa for a long time. We will have to find new markets and probably new products. 
  • for our family at this time, that we make sensible decisions regarding our health and that we have no other serious reasons for returning to the UK in the coming months. 
  • that Zaki and Alessia would enjoy home school and keep learning lots! 
  • for the Anglican Diocese of Ruaha which really needs God’s shalom peace during this time across all of its parish churches.

Christians Against Poverty

Please pray:

  • for the successful roll-out of our Schools Partnership Project.  For the building of good relationships with schools and families as well as a smooth system for ordering and distributing food parcels.
  • for all those people who are struggling with debt but who are waiting for us to be able to offer home visits again.  That they may receive help and advice to tide them over during this difficult time. Pray that hope remains alive in their hearts.
  • for continued Foodbank donations for our existing clients and that we’d be able to continue providing food to those in need.