Dear Praying Family

Firstly, thank you so much for praying over Team India’s mission trip to Haven Home. We arrived home yesterday afternoon and have so many stories of God’s answers to those prayers. We can’t wait to share with you and will arrange an evening to do so soon. God is great!

What better way to start the year than with our great God in prayer! The beautiful words of comfort from Psalm 139 above are our theme for January. Our mission focus for January is Mission Direct and Richard has kindly shared prayer requests which are below.

One Church One Day is a great opportunity for us to unite in prayer and yet also have the freedom to pray in whatever reflective, active or creative way works best for each one of us personally.

We begin as always on the first Friday of the month. 19:00 Friday 5th to 19:00 Saturday 6th January. To book an hour’s prayer time click on or use the white board. OCOD begins at 19:00 with an uplifting hour of Prayer & Praise Together on Zoom and all are welcome

It’s always so encouraging to hear how people spend their hour with the Lord, and to receive any words, thoughts, pictures or reflections. Please do share if you are able.

May God bless us and others through us richly in 2024.

Happy New Year

Much love,

Diane x

Prayer points for Mission Direct:

  1. Give thanks for the volunteers who came to Kumi in 2023, for all they achieved and for the SVN team who delivered teacher training in November.
  2. Give thanks for the completion of the two classroom block at Kumi Primary School and for the wonderful ceremony of celebration which handed it over.
  3. Give thanks and rejoice at the first training day and distribution of chickens funded by the St Albans Harvest Appeal. Pray for the continuation of the project over the next year.
  4. Give thanks for Kumi Mothers Union and their ministry to the isolated elderly. Also giving thanks that they are helping us continue our ministry to the prisoners at Kumi Prison.
  5. Pray for Kumi Medical Centre and their efforts to get the Immunisation Centre and new Outpatients Unit connected to mains electricity.
  6. Pray for volunteers for 2024. We have more classrooms to build and we need volunteers to come and help.