Here are the questions from yesterday’s talk by Shahne Vickery about how we are all created to have different spiritual temperaments, or ways of responding to God in worship. Reflect, discuss with others, feed back: to or

Spiritual Temperaments

Shahne spoke of 7 different temperaments: the intellectual, the ascetic, the naturalist, the activist, the care giver, the structuralist and the creative. Some of us can feel close to God through walking in the woods. Others through silence; through discussion and study, or through visiting someone in need.

Why not try this out for yourself, on your own or in a group? Click on the linked file below and read about the different temperaments. Take a circle of card. Roughly divide into 7 segments and colour each segment in to the extent that you feel this describes how you most relate to God. Activist: red; Caregiver: Orange; Creative: Yellow; Naturalist: Green; Structuralist: Blue; Intellectual: Brown; Ascetic: Purple. Compare your circle with others and see the similarities and differences. Pray over it and celebrate your uniqueness. Commit to developing and making time for the strong areas, and also to trying out something in one of your less favoured areas, as you might find a freshness in trying out something new.

Here is a template for the circle if you don’t fancy doing the maths to make a 7 segment circle!