The purpose of Christ Church is to invite others to experience this new life. Our vision is to become a vibrant community that is learning to live life in Christ, wherever God has placed us. Therefore our primary focus is on prayerfully supporting and practically equipping one another to be authentic Christ-followers in the whole of our lives.

Jesus came that we might have life, and life in all its fullness.
John 10:10

The vision of life that is seen in Jesus is of a person who is:

  • Breathing in God’s love through word and prayer
  • Breathing out God’s love through worship and action

The church’s activities and future initiatives very much reflect this vision.
For example, our Pastoral Care team demonstrate God’s love through home visiting and home communions; hospital visiting; bereavement support; welcoming newcomers and keeping in touch with people on the fringes.

Our family, youth and children’s teams focus on the needs of family. We are seeing significant developments in these areas with substantial growth in numbers. Our desire is to make contact with increasing numbers of young people in the area through the opening of the new dedicated youth hub.

The local outreach of Christ Church means that we are meeting some of the needs of the local community. We seek to help people on their spiritual journeys through the Alpha course; we provide support and help to those in serious debt through our branch of Christians Against Poverty (CAP); we provide support to those who are experiencing relationship break down through the Aquila Course.

The global outreach of Christ Church encompasses support for many deprived areas of the world. Dihlabeng Christian School in Lesotho;  Haven Home Orphanage in India, the work of Mission Direct in Kumi, Uganda, Ben and Katy Ray’s ministry at Neema CRafts in Tanzania, plus support for Christians suffering persecution in Asia and the Far East through Open Doors.

Without the financial support we already receive from many of you we would not be in a position to carry out these activities, and provide the current level of investment in the work of our mission partners. In order to ensure that we can sustain and grow this work as well as support  future initiatives we would encourage all church members to prayerfully commit to supporting our church financially as they are able.

There are many ways in which you are able to offer financial support from one off donations to regular weekly or monthly giving:

Regular giving

It is possible to simply place cash in the offering during the service, but we encourage all members of the Christ Church family to give in a prayerful planned way through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)  PGS enables you to set up a Direct Debit from your bank account directly into that of Christ Church on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis. 100% of your donation comes back to the Parish and the scheme automatically claims applicable gift aid on the Parish’s behalf. You can change the amount or cancel the Direct Debit whenever you wish, and PGS also provides you with the option of agreeing to an annual inflationary increase, which helps the church keep up with rising costs. Applications to join the PGS must be on the official forms available at the back of Christ Church, the Church Centre and the Parish Office.

PGS was launched at Christ Church on 17th March 2019

To read more on the Biblical principles of giving click here.

Launch Letter to congregation

Whilst PGS is our preferred planned giving option, as it reduces our administration load, a few people use Envelopes to help plan their giving on a weekly basis. For those who wish to use them, the church will provide a set of envelopes, clearly dated for each week of the year. You can put whatever amount of money you wish (cash or cheque) in these envelopes and place them in the offering. If you miss a week at church, you can always put the money in the envelope and place more than one envelope in the offering when you return – or simply put several weeks’ money in one envelope. If you wish to join the envelope scheme, please contact the Planned Giving Secretary.

 Gift aid

The government allows churches (and other charities) to recover the tax you may have paid on the money you give to us. If you are a taxpayer this means that we can currently claim back an extra £1 on every £4 you give. This is not money the government gives the church; it is your money which you have paid in tax on the gift you are giving us and which is returned to us by the government. When you sign up for the Parish Giving Scheme, you are asked to sign a gift aid declaration to enable PGS to reclaim gift aid on our behalf, but if you give in other ways and are a tax payer you will need to sign our gift aid declaration (Pdf, 141kb) to enable us to recover such tax for the work of the church. Please contact the Planned Giving Secretary for more information.

Further information

The Planned Giving Secretary is Dave Tooby and he will be happy to help you with any aspects of planned giving. Contact (0117) 956 0146 or email: